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CEO & President Shinya Miike

During the 25-year experience in medical device business, especially medical endoscope,has engaged in development and marketing of new endoscopes, devised strategies and tactics forpenetrating them, and established new endoscopic surgical techniques. I’m a pioneer in theultra-thin endoscopic field(under 1mm outer diameter) of ophthalmology, breast surgery and Cardiology. My first company called FIBERTECH was acquired by a big Japanese Cable company. And I invested Venture company called Silicon Valley Medical Instrument Inc. in San Francisco who develop IVUS(Intra Vascular Ultra Sound endoscope), and was acquired by ACIST Medical Inc. And now working as investor and consultant while doing development of several medical equipment.

1993-1994: Managed Development Project of the Ophthalmic Endoscope.
2001-2003: Managed Development Project of the Video Laryngoscope.
2003-2004: Managed Development Project of the Micro Forceps for Medical use.
2005-2007 Joined Development Project of the Micro Catheter for Retinal vessels with Kyoto Univ. (Budget from Japanese Government --Science and Technology Agency)
2006-2007 Joined Development Project of the Confocal laser scanning fiber microscopy system with Hamamatsu Medical Univ.

2004: 1st Prize Tokyo Technology Venture Awards2018: AMED President’s Award in The 2nd Japan Medical Research and Development Awards



Board member Osamu Kanazawa

医療機器マーケティングで35年以上の経験がある。最初の26年間は外資系会社に従事し、数多くの新製品の導入を実現。これまででの経験と人脈を生かして前職では米国のベンチャー会社を発掘、企業Exitまでリードしていくことに貢献した。特に循環器および血管系などが得意分野。豪州Bond University MBA取得
1980年 AHS社(現Edwards Lifescience 社)プロダクトマネージャー(心電図、補助心臓、血管治療カテーテルを担当)
1988年 Beckman Instrument社に入社、ユーザークラブのサポート、検査機器のシステム開発を担当
1994年 Scimed社(現Boston Scientific社)プロダクトマネージャー(各種冠動脈治療デバイス担当)
1998年 Boston Scientific社  グループプロダクトマネージャー(製品・医師教育プログラムのマネージメント)
2000年 Endosonic社(現Volcano社)アジアのディレクター(IVUSやPhysiology製品を管轄)
2003年 St. Jude Medical社 代理店マネージメントディレクター(止血デバイスのラウンチ、EPビジネスのサポート)
2005年 St. Jude Medical社 冠動脈治療部門の事業部長
2006年 FiberTech社 冠動脈部門のディレクター 新規事業担当
2009年 MMD社 マーケティング取締役(シリコンバレーメディカル社の日本販売元コンサルティング)
2009年 MTi社 代表取締役就任
2016年 当社取締役副社長に就任
名称:再使用不能な組立体 特許第4927954号(P4927954)



Senior Board Advisor Shawn Moaddeb

Founder & Chairman of Adventus Ventures Corp, medical technology incubator including early investments and management of portfolio companies. CEO, Board member and co-founded several medical device companies with several successful exits. Shawn is also member/Investor at Tech Coast Angels (TCA), the largest angel investor group in the U.S., has been fueling the growth of innovative companies and entrepreneurs in Southern California since 1997. TCA identifies, mentors and funds early stage companies to help get their ideas to market, and where TCA members devote their time, expertise and capital to help companies grow and succeed.
TCA members number about 300 and consist of experienced CEOs, senior executives, current and former entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other professionals. Members not only invest but frequently serve on boards and assist companies with relationships, strategy, supply chain, team building and additional fundraising. TCA has an outstanding deal flow of opportunities and a simplified yet organized process for screening and completing due diligence.
Since 1997, TCA members have invested over $180 million in more than 300 companies and have helped attract more than $1.6 billion in additional capital/follow-on rounds, mostly from venture capital firms. In 2014 alone, TCA invested over $16 million in 60 companies; in 2015 the total was $13.5 million in 58 companies
Results-driven senior executive and entrepreneur with strong background with both start-up and large established organizations with extensive P&L experience combined with broad technical expertise.
Raised multiple rounds of funding from leading VC's and institutional investors for various start-ups.
Successfully set-up commercial operations, marketing, distribution channels, clinical monitoring and launch multiple products in Europe and Asia.

Named inventor on over 100 issued and pending patents in the areas of RF catheter based renal denervation, percutaneous mitral valve catheter based therapy, electrophysiology & cardiac ablation systems, medical laser systems, Cardiovascular gene therapy, GI, and implantable pacemaker and defibrillator devices.
Winning record of introducing new products through best in class R&D initiatives, growing business through strong strategic planning, execution, and implementation. Proven ability to increase profitability in intensely competitive environments.
About Adventus Ventures:
Adventus Ventures is a medical device incubator managed by seasoned executives developing transformational technologies addressing unmet needs. Identifying and developing technologies both internally and externally from ground up to transform concepts into companies by providing combination of leadership, technical and commercial expertise through various means of funding via seed, corporate financing, Venture and IPO.
Leveraging wide network of industry and professional connections along with product development and contract manufacturing resources for rapid development and commercial release of new devices. Adventus Ventures’ advisory board members includes highly accomplished and well-known Physicians/KOL’s, CEO’s from major medical device companies as well as start-ups, entrepreneurs with proven successes, and legal & IP attorneys.